Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Voice

This is another that did not happen to me, but to my partner. It was a few years ago when our son was little. I was laying down with our son to help him get to sleep, when my boyfriend popped his head in the room and said "Did you call me?". I said "No" ...????.... and he just looked kinda funny and said "I didn't think so".

When our son was asleep, I went into our room and said "What was that all about?". The other two kids had long been asleep already and I didn't hear anything at all. He said "Well, it was strange. I was just laying here watching tv, leaning on my side, when a voice YELLED my name, right in my ear. Like right here" and he indicated the ear facing the ceiling. He said it made him jump a mile because for one thing, he knew no one was in the room with him, and it was a male sounding voice, and it was like RIGHT at his ear.

It bothered him for awhile, like thinking maybe the phone was going to ring with some bad news from someone - but nothing ever happened. He said it almost sounded like a warning, the voice, but again, nothing happened that we know of.

It's impossible to know what that was about, but occasionally I have experienced similar things, just not so bluntly right in my ear. Thank god! Because I would probably faint ;)

I have things happen like being sure someone called my name at work. I look around and no one did. Or at night I will be laying in bed, ready to go to sleep, and I will swear I hear someone calling MOM. But faint and far away sounding, like in the old days when someone called you and the telephone lines were bad so the person's voice sounded like they were stuck in the bottom of a well, or a mini person was way down in the ear piece of the phone (lol, I think young people wont understand what I mean by that). But I just chalk that up to 'mommy brain'... though I only recall it happening over the past few years! I don't remember going to bed when my older two were little and thinking they called me. It happens quite often now, at least once a month or sometimes more like weekly, and I don't know why. Am I hearing a voice? Or I just on mom-overload with 3 kids and expecting someone must surely be calling out for me?? I'm sure it's not one of them in their sleep because it sounds so far away, and I can never pinpoint whose voice it is. My kids are 4 10 and 15 so you'd think I would at least be able to guess - but I never can. It's just weird.

But the loud voice right at my boyfriend's ear was definitely something strange that he has never had happen again.


  1. He should consult a neurologist. Or stop making sh*t up.

  2. Haha well, it's the only time in the almost 6 years we have been together that he has mentioned seeing or hearing anything like this, but I'll make sure to tell him to stop making shit up :)