Friday, October 12, 2012

The Mist revisited (The Hallway)

So on Thanksgiving this past weekend, somehow we got onto the topic of the supernatural/paranormal. My mom is a big time christian lady and I usually refrain from such discussions because she will ramp up her talk of how I let demons into my life as a teen because of all my dabbling in Ouija boards, etc. But we got onto the topic of how my brother ratted me out, when he was around 10 and me around 16, because I was using my wood burning set (remember those???) to make a Ouija board and hiding it under my bed haha. Oh man. Anyway, mom dragged it out and got rid of it. Probably prayed over my bed for weeks for all I know. But we were laughing about that event when Mom suddenly said "I used to see a mist, like smoke, near your room and it was probably attracted to that stupid board".

I froze.


So I said "No mom, I was seeing that mist longgggg before I made the board."

Her head whipped around and stared at me. "You saw it too?".

I said "I dont know. What did you see?"

My partner was there listening, as was my oldest son, and they both know my 'mist' story and that I found out years later that my brother saw it too. So they were listening carefully. They know the key details.

Mom said "I used to see it out of the corner of my eye. It was like a puff of smoke, or a light mist, but I don't know for sure because when I turned to look straight at it, it was gone."

I said "Where?"

She continued "In the hallway, outside your brother's door, and it would usually move, like down the hall".


"To YOUR room, like down that way. Always like a puff of smoke and it would move toward your door".

Wow. I was stumped. I explained as quick as I could that I saw the exact same thing, and so did my brother. That it was like grey, like a thin shadow, but not on the wall - in the air. She agreed. My partner just stared at me and my son laughed. I reminded mom that yes, my door was the only door down that hall - EXCEPT for the hole in the ceiling that was the entrance to the attic. Mom said "oh yeah, I forgot about that, it could have been going there too, but it was probably going to YOUR room". And then, enter the part where mom lectures me on all the seances I was doing lol. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng ;)

But the point is, Mom saw the same fricken thing in the same fricken place, doing the same fricken thing. So what the hell was it? I wish my dad were around to ask - see if he saw it too. But he passed away in 96.

Speaking of Dad though, in an unlikely candid moment that did not involve preaching, mom shared that my dad had experienced things when he was younger, and one thing scared him so bad, he vowed never to dabble in that stuff again. Apparently when he was an older teen/young man, in the army, he and a bunk mate somehow got hold of the arm bone of a dead man. He told mom this story when they were dating or first married. So they put this stupid bone in a drawer in their dorm room. Just something stupid to do as a youngin', thinking it was cool to have this body part. But very odd things happened and the only one mom remembers for sure is that the drawer would open at various times, in the middle of the night while they were sleeping or at other times. They would hear it open, turn, no one was there, but the damned drawer with the arm bone in it was open. They would shut it, and it would open again later. After about a week of this crazy drawer opening, and other things mom can't remember, they got rid of it and Dad said he would NEVER do anything like that again.

This is a second-hand story and I cannot talk to dad for backup - but you have to understand my dad. He was Mr Science. He was a park ranger, forest ranger, army engineer. He never talked about stuff like that with me. Did not sit around watching horror movies, or read stephen king books. He was very straight-laced. He went to work, he came home, he walked the dogs, he went to bed. Every day. For decades lol. People could literally set their watch to him. So I was completely utterly floored to learn that dad even spoke about something spooky happening to him. To anyone. He told us lots of stories but I dont remember any of them being about ghosts or spooooky stuff. He didnt dress up at halloween. He didnt put ghosts and ghouls outside our door to freak out trick or treaters - he just did not do things like that. I wish I knew more. I wish I had thought to ask him about stuff like that when I was younger and getting curious. But I can only hold this one story and know that SOMETHING happened to scare my dad. He was not easily scared.

When a bear entered our campsite when I was a little kid, dad went right out the tent-trailer door in his undies (brown y-fronts, i remember lol), holding a rifle. He could do that, but was afraid of whatever happened to him back in his early army days. Interesting.

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