Monday, November 19, 2012

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The Grey Man


Paranormal Experience?

and also my short story - fiction at

I Scream, As They Screamed


  1. So your first assumption - and best guess - is that it was a ghost? No wonder you're a Conservatard; you'll believe any nonsense.

  2. lol well let's see.... there was no one there, it was broad daylight, only 4 women including myself work there, and everyone else in the room are tiny little toddlers, and a man walked past me. So um yeah, best guess was some sort of paranormal event. Unless you can find another way to explain why a man walked right past me in a daycare center that is secured with only one entrance/exit, that just so happened to be right next to me on the other side. :) and yes, conservatards see ghosts, even though when I watch Celebrity Ghost Stories, it's a bunch of Libtards on there like Carrie Fischer.