Sunday, October 14, 2012

Teenage Seances

I cannot put as much weight to these stories as I would if they happened when I was older and wiser ;) But there were still some odd happenings in my teen years that I could not explain at the time.

1. When I was about 13, my friend and I got this stupid idea to hold a seance in her back alley, to ask if Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) was really dead. LOL. Hilarious to think about now. But anyway, we got a candle and a candle holder, a piece of paper to put it on, a lighter or matches, and we headed out back. It was like the middle of the afternoon. We might have been stupid but we weren't stupid enough to try this at night haha!

We set everything up and would close our eyes and chant some mumbo jumbo we probably saw on a movie, but we kept giggling and the candle would blow out with the very mild breeze so we had to keep relighting it. It was really more of a stupid fun thing to do with your friend and have a laugh.

But then we got serious. We kept out eyes closed and were holding each others hands across our paper table. I remember being able to feel the candle light growing hotter as the flame held and got higher. I could see the light brighten from behind my eyelids. I wish I could remember what silly stuff we were chanting, but I can't. Anyway so there we sat, asking for something to give us a 'sign' that Sid Vicious was really dead. The breeze had stopped, the candle light was high, we were very still and quiet - and BANG! A fence board or something right beside us SLAMMED hard. It was so loud, we both screamed our heads off and jumped up in the air, grabbed our stuff, and ran screaming back into the house.

My heart was pounding out of my chest. But we also ended up laughing because it scared the hell out of us, but it was something fun and dumb to do. I don't put any weight to the loud crash or bang we heard, because for all I know, some neighbour saw us being idiots and threw a rock at the fence. I will never know. But it's what happened next that always stuck with me.

I was sitting on the steps in my friend's entryway. She lived in a bilevel so there was one set going up, and one set going down. I was sitting on the upper set and she was standing in the doorway. We were laughing and still freaking a bit about what happened, but starting to settle down. I was saying something about never wanting to do that again, or whatever we were babbling about, when a door or something slammed SO hard downstairs, it shook the floor under my feet and rear end. I said 'OMG what was that???' and took off down the stairs to the basement. I expected to find the door that was right under me, to the storage area under the stairs, slammed shut. But it was wide open. I looked down the hall and the bathroom and two bedroom doors were also open. I was stumped.

I assumed my friend felt and heard it too because she followed me down immediately - but SHE DIDNT!!! She had no idea what the heck I was doing running down the stairs. She was scared by my actions and just followed me so she wasnt left alone lol. I didnt believe her. I said 'I was trying to find what door slammed. Didnt you feel that? It shook the floor!'. And she kept saying no and was getting very scared. I talked to her about it a few years ago and she remembers me searching her basement, but does not remember hearing any loud sound or feeling anything bang and reverberate under her feet. Back then, I had a sudden feeling that this was a warning not to get involved in stuff like seances - but of course I didn't listen ;)

2. This is one that I should probably chalk up to being a prank by friends, but I still get the willies when I think of it. A bunch of friends were doing a Ouija board thing but I didnt know. I decided to call my friend P to see what he was doing. Me and a friend were bored. When I phoned, it rang quite a few times, and finally another friend K answered. He answered in a really weird voice, saying Hello??? like he was worried about who was calling (these are before the days of Caller ID, peeps lol). I said 'oh hey K, what are you guys up to?'. All i heard him say at first was away from the phone, something like 'guys! guys! it's just ****!'. He came back to the phone sounding hugely relieved. He said 'omg, you scared the crap out of us! we are doing ouija and we asked for a sign this was real, and as soon as the marker moved to the letter R, the phone rang and no one wanted to answer it'. I laughed at them but said we would come over and hang out!

So we get there, and there are now like 10 at this house. There is a table set up using just paper letters and numbers, and a clear drinking glass (a glass one). I thought they were all insane. They did the thing where you ask permission to join in and it said Yes for my friend, but then it said No for me. Whatever folks, play your stupid game, I'll just sit here on the floor. I didnt feel like any of it was real, just someone being an ass and not letting me join in lol. The glass was too small for anyone to have more than their fingertip on though, and that started to catch my attention while watching the 'game'. I was trying to figure out which one of them was moving the glass, but I never could. It seemed odd that it could move so fast and smoothly with so many people's fingers touching it, and no one be able to guess it was being manipulated by one person specifically. Very strange but I kept watching, kept trying to work it out. The other strange thing I noted was that people would get bored, or want to go get a drink, or go potty, and they would leave the circle. EVERYONE left the circle at one point or another, so how was it planned out that someone else would immediately take control? That was baffling me but I figured they must have had some sort of system going.

But these were mainly teenage boys, and let's face it, men dont always plan everything down to the last detail in most cases ;) The story was supposedly that some older lady, in her 70s or 80s, was talking to them. She was from a little town just outside our city, and that her husband was there too, standing behind  - ME. And i think her son too? Anyway, this went on for ages but then people would ask questions like each other's middle names, birthdates, etc - and they were right (according to the others). I asked if I could ask a question even though I wasnt on the board, and it said Yes. So I asked for my name to be spelled (it's a different than usual spelling of a common name and most people get it wrong). But it was spelled right. And then my middle name. And My BIRTHDATE. I really did not know what to think of this. My friend refrained from joining in on any questions about me, so I couldnt blame her for manipulating the device. I didnt know what was going on and started to feel very weird. I had known these people for a few years, but since when do they remember your birthday, especially guys? It was just plain weird. I started off thinking this was all a silly stupid game, and ended up worried that it wasnt.

When we decided to finish, I asked if I could join in for one last show, because I had sat out the rest of it. The marker (glass) went to Yes after seeming to pause, and so someone got off so I could stick my pointer finger on the bottom of the overturned glass. Someone asked for a major sign that this was real and the glass started going around in circles. Small circles, slow, and building steadily into bigger and bigger circles. I was really shocked. It went so big and so fast, we kept falling off. You had to stand up to reach the far side of the coffee table and try to catch up with the glass if your finger fell off, and then suddenly it would race back to your end of the table and around again to the other side. I was baffled and freaked out. Then suddenly it stopped and the glass fell over. Everyone was pretty quiet.

I picked up the glass and started moving it around the table myself, with 2 or 3 fingers on it. I wanted to see how easy it was to manipulate. Only problem was, it was a cruddy old coffee table with rivets and bumps on it. Even with just me touching the glass, I felt it hitting little bumps, and it would scrape loudly across the table instead of just the light glass scraping sound I had heard all afternoon. I tried going faster to see if that helped, and all I managed to do was hit a snag in the table and knock the whole glass right over. Other people tried it with the same result. Then I tried pushing it with one finger and that was very difficult. I could not make it go exactly where I wanted all the time, and again was hitting little bumps or 'cuts' in the table surface that stopped the glass or it would lurch over the bump. That stuff was not happening during the Ouija seance at all! I will never know what happened, I just know that there were some unexplained things going on that we could not re-create afterward. That will always stick in my brain as a What The Heck? moment.

3. I will make this one short lol. I was doing a seance at a different friend's house and we had set up rules like we all had to hold hands, and we also had to have our feet touching the people next to us at all times as well. This was our way of making sure no one was doing something stupid like knocking the table or trying to bump the table, etc. I was on a corner of the table, so there was no one sitting directly beside me - that person was sitting at the head of the table. I had my eyes fully closed and at one point I heard footsteps come up beside me on the carpet. I snuck a peek and no one was standing there, and the guy to that side was still touching my foot with his. I heard 3 soft treads come right up to the table, but I must have been mistaken because no one was there when I peeked.

Afterward we were chatting and the guy beside me said "Well I thought I heard footsteps" and he looked at the rug in the same place I had looked when I snuck a peek. I said "I did too!!!" and he said "I swore I heard 3 or 4 footsteps like someone walked up right to the corner of the table". That's what I heard too. I thought maybe he was full of crap and did it himself, but I'm not sure how he would have accomplished making a sound in that spot when my foot was touching his. Even if he and the person on the other side, opposite me, had worked out some kind of deal, I should have felt him moving a bit if he was trying to get that leg over onto my side to tap the rug, and manage to make it sound like they came from further away to closer. That would be some cool acrobatic or lithe moves. So what was that? I dont know.

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