Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deja Vu? ---- Sinister

This is going to sound completely nuts, am believe me I am well aware of that fact, but I have to write it out somewhere so I can refer back to it when I finally see the movie Sinister. I think it came out yesterday, but I have not gone and have no plans to. I WANT to, it's just that we dont get out to the movies very often lol.

But I have to share this with you --- when I first saw the movie trailer a week ago, I thought 'huh? this is not new'. I saw a short trailer with Ethan Hawke and all it really showed was some freaky faces, and then Ethan looking rather disheveled, and while the trailer was running, I thought 'oh yeah, Ive seen this one, he finds all those tapes and watches them and goes kinda crazy'. I was running my own preview of the movie through my head while watching the trailer, and I could 'see' Ethan doing things that are not actually in that trailer. I was thinking about his family being outside and a face popping up in a tree or bush, I was picturing him going through boxes, watching tapes with a bunch of different families in them, birthday parties, swimming, playing in the yard, happy family moments, and then they all die, the tapes look old, and he gets obsessed with watching them. And then I had the feeling of him killing his family at the end, fulfilling the supposed curse that is on the house or on the vhs tapes, only youre not really sure if he is possessed by the scary face thing or what the heck. I was picturing all of this and wondering why the movie trailer acted as though this was all brand new, but I didnt give it that much thought.

Then a couple days later, I saw the longer trailer and I started to feel very confused and weird. I asked my partner if he has seen that movie before, and he said it's not even out yet, so 'no'. I am well and truly stumped. I SWEAR I have seen this movie before. Not something similar - THIS movie. I have spent some time tonight working google hard, trying to find out if there is a similar movie (there does not appear to be), or if perhaps this was supposed to be released in the past but something happened so they delayed it a year or two and are re-releasing it now (that does not appear to be the case either), or what. I really have no idea but it has been bothering me and creeping me out.

I can see him having fights or arguments with his wife over him obsession and not getting any other work done. I can see him pacing or something and slowly seeming to go bonkers. I can see all sorts of things. I am kinda freaked out to see the movie, to be honest, because if it is the same as the stuff I can picture in my head, I will go crazy lol. Is this like a really long drawn-out episode of deja-vu that can be explained by some weird scientific theory, or did I see a trailer for this months ago and forgot that I havent actually seen THE movie, and now I'm just remembering that older trailer? I do not recall the title of the movie, and I don't recall that weird ink or blood coming down the wall and changing into a face like you see in the trailers now - I feel like I remember the actual movie, to the point of having sat down and watched it, and feeling like they have re-released it.

I honestly hope that someone writes and leaves me a link to show that yes indeed, this was filmed years ago and trailers appeared on tv, but then the date was changed for some reason and it's taken all this time to start up again and be shown in theatres. Although I feel like I saw the end where his family dies. I'm not sure about him, but I feel like I see the face somehow being involved, like just as you HATE the guy for going crazy and then driving himself to kill his own wife and children, the spooky face arrives and then you wonder if they were just victims of the same ghoul.

Ugh. I really cannot figure this out and it's making me feel insane. It doesnt feel like a normal deja-vu where it's all slowed down and your brain feels prickly, noticing that things seem to be repeating themselves. I seriously thought this must be a remake of a prior movie, until I saw that Ethan Hawke was in it, and that's who I could see in my mind as being in the one I was picturing. The more I type it out, the more confused I get because it seems SO real. ARGH.

** just adding that I feel like I remember his family being video taped too, like with the family camera, perhaps that his wife wanted to do or bought, or something he likes to do. I picture him trying to do his work at home but going up to the attic over and over and losing hours watching the tapes. I picture him changing from a kind of quirky guy to a reclusive weird guy, dark attitude, etc, while his wife and family get annoyed or confused or something like that. I picture him being grumpy to other people, like neighbours or friends that stop by. I dont know. It's just weird. I really felt like I had seen this movie before and I do not know why.

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