Friday, October 12, 2012

Who's Talking?

So that little 4 yr old girl at the daycare was at it again last week. At naptime, most of the kids were asleep, only a few were still awake. It was very quiet except for light snores and delicate instrumental lullaby music.

My coworker is laying next to the little girl when she sits up a bit, annoyed, and says (around her thumb-sucking), "Who's talking?". Coworker says 'No one's talking hunny, everyone is sleeping. Lay back down". Little girl lays down but keeps her eyes open and looks curious and perturbed.

She pops her thumb out of her mouth loudly, and says in little-girl-ticked-off voice "WHO is talking??"

Coworker is confused and listens carefully. Cannot hear anything that resembles any kind of speech, looks over at me, I'm listening too, but we hear nothing beyond piano music, very faint, from the cd player. Little girl lays back down and says "they are talking to Matt". I name that child, because that is my son. He is sleeping about 5 feet away from her, on the other side of a wall, so all she can see is his feet if she sits up. He is sound asleep. I'm looking right at him and he is not moving.

Little girl pops her thumb out again and says "Oh. Matt is answering them back". And her voice sounds 'satisfied'. I can't really explain what I mean by that, because I have NO idea what the heck this girl is talking about, but it sounded satisfied, like things made sense to her now. She heard someone talking, but perhaps no one answering, and wondered who they were talking to. Then she thought she heard Matt answering, so she felt better about it? That's the impression I got.

But Matt was not talking lol.

And then she closed her eyes and fell asleep a few minutes later, undisturbed.

What is up with that? I blamed my coworker because that was early last week, and a couple of nights later she and her daughter were going to see Sylvia Browne lol. I said "Geez, what is going on? A paranormal convention where all the spirit people are gathering and waiting for Sylvia to appear?? GEEZ". We laughed, but we were actually quite nervous. Three or so events with this one little girl, that have not happened in the 3+ years she has been with us, and two other kids that have also never talked like that, and me seeing that dad walking past me, only no one was there and no dads had come in at all. No men working there, either. All within the span of about 6 weeks now.

I don't know what's up or if it's all just 'nothing'. But too many coincidences and weird events to just brush off either.

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