Monday, March 4, 2013

Darn Work Beasts!

I just don't know what is up at work. Nothing seems to happen for ages and ages and then something surprises you yet again.

It was nap time and I was just getting settled next to a toddler to help her snooze, when a movement about one foot from my face grabbed my attention. I looked up and something appeared to be popping right through the next doorway to peek. You could imagine another toddler peeking their head out to see if anyone was around, seeing me, and popping back again super fast like 'oops! i'm caught!'. It was very quick but it wasn't just like a little piece of head, it was a whole head and neck.. but so fast I could not discern any features at all, hair colour, face structure, etc. It was literally RIGHT in front of my face as I was sitting on the floor already and just pushing myself backwards to sit next to the other child when it happened. So I moved onto my knees to peek in the door and give whoever it was 'trouble' for being off their mat.

And therein lays the problem - no one was in the room. No other toddlers were laying in there yet. They were all still finishing their lunch. Oh oh.

Well then, what the heck was that? I hate it when that happens but this was a first for this particular experience. Blah!

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