Monday, September 24, 2012

Who Is That?

Today at work, there was only myself and one of the older children in the Wake Up Room for an hour and a half while all of the younger children napped. We had been hanging out for over an hour already and the little boy was standing right beside me, when he suddenly jumped a bit and said in a laughing voice "Who IS that?" and then he darted quickly behind a bookcase and then just stopped short, looking confused but still smiling too. He was saying 'Where did you go?' and then lifted up a bean bag from the reading corner, and then he really looked perplexed.

I said "What are you doing?" (already wondering what the heck he thought he saw), and he said "I saw someone over here, so I thought it was ****" (another child, who was napping in a different room). He looked around a bit more, and then came back to me at the table. I casually said "What did you see?" and he shook his head and said "I don't know". Then he thought about it and said "I don't know what I saw, but I thought it was ****, but no one is over there".

I left it at that. But that is now 3 children in the past month commenting on seeing someone that I cannot see, 3 different ages, and children that I have worked with for several years and never had a similar experience with before. Strange.
An update on this story. I had the chance to share this occurrence with coworkers the next day and one looked shocked. She shared what happened to her with another child that same afternoon. A 4 year old girl said "I see a brown girl". My coworker said "Huh?" and the girl was looking at an area of the center that has a blue door, a wall mural of frogs, and a puzzle shelf. She said "I see a brown girl". My coworker was confused, looking at the wall and the puzzles for something resembling a 'brown girl', but there is nothing remotely human-like over there. So she said "Where is she?", and the little kiddo said "She is RIGHT THERE" and pointed toward the door or space beside the puzzle shelf. It dawned on my coworker that something strange was happening. So she asked again where she is, and the girl was sounding exasperated and repeated "she is RIGHT there".... my coworker said "Um, what does she look like?"  and the girl responded "She is wearing a dress". Then a second later said "Oop. She's gone now" and the girl just walked away.

So is there a little brown girl visiting us? Or what? Could it be the same thing the little boy in my group saw earlier that day? Who the heck knows. But it was certainly funky that this happened to two of us on the same day, without the other having any previous knowledge of an occurrence.

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