Saturday, September 1, 2012

Past Experiences at work

I mentioned in my previous posting that there have been other strange occurrences at my workplace in the past, which leads me to put more weight to what has happened recently.

The two most startling that come to mind are as follows:

About 3 years ago, my coworker and I were sitting at a table chatting quietly while the rest of the children were napping. The lights were out, the room was dim, the blinds closed on the windows to just let in soft light around the edges, etc. It is difficult to explain the layout of the center to those unfamiliar with it, but I will do my best. From where we were seated, there was a hallway where my then- one year old son was sleeping, along with 3 other children, which then leads to the very back room where our most recent experiences were, and then there is a large carpeted open area where 6 children were sleeping. Blocking my direct view of my child and others in the hall-like part were two large Rubbermaid containers, stacked on top of each other. My son slept directly on the other side of that, with the rest of his buddies sleeping further from the tote boxes. I was facing the boxes, and my coworker was seated sideways, her profile facing the tote boxes. We were just chatting, blah blah blah, when I saw a dark shadowed head start to peek up over the boxes. At that exact moment, my coworker turned her head to face that direction, and I glanced at her. When I glanced back, I could not see the little child-sized head any longer. We both immediately assumed that my son was awake and had stood up to peek over the boxes. My coworker was out of her chair to check on him before I could have time to move, and I was saying 'that little TURKEY! I thought he was asleep!' as she walked over to tell him to catch him in the act of being a sneak. But when she quickly walked the 8 or so feet to the boxes, she stopped dead in her tracks instead of talking to my son.

She looked at me and said 'come here'. I still thought I would find my son being a goof and about to get in 'trouble', but as I rounded the totes, I instead found him still sleeping on his belly, as usual, blanket perfectly covering him, as were all of the other children - ZZZzzzzz asleep without any blankets disturbed. I was shocked. What the heck? What did I see?

My coworker and I walked silently back to our chairs, and then I said 'What did you think you saw?' and she said 'someone was about to peek over the box. I assumed it was your kid'. I could not believe my ears. She saw the same thing I did, at the exact same time, and also thought it had to be MY son because he slept directly on the other side of the totes. They were high, he would have had to completely stand up to see over them at that young age, or someone else would have had to stand on his head to do it. But they were all laying down, perfectly covered up as we had left them, and there is no way a one year old or and two year old can jump back into bed, lay on their tummy, and cover themselves up perfectly from behind. There are extremely few who can manage it even when they take their time and are laying on their backs, let alone in the 2-3 seconds it took for my coworker to walk over there, and the 5 seconds it probably took me. What happened? We will never know, but we both saw a darker head when my son's hair was very light blonde at the time, which confused us too. Weird.

But speaking of blondies, this leads to my next odd experience. It involves the same back room featured in my previous posting. When it's not nap time, that room is called 'Dress Up' and it is the toddler's most favorite place to play. Full of Little Tykes kitchens, tables, chairs, toy food, dress up clothing, doctor kits, a kiddie hair salon with all the perks, etc. We have a lot of trouble keeping the little monkeys out of there when it's time to clean up or go home. They love it. They are always escaping to that back room when they are supposed to be sitting for a story or playing in another room. I have chased endless toddlers around in Dress Up, trying to get them to go home with mommy, or get them out for a diaper change, so it's nothing new lol.

Therefore, it did not surprise me at all one day, about a  year ago, when I was walking near the room and saw a little white-blonde head dash past the door. The daycare is in a house and the Dress Up room was a bedroom in the former owner's home, so it has a standard-sized doorway. I saw the little person run past the door, on the inside of dress-up, and I marched toward it laughing and saying 'Alright! WHO'S IN HERE!' in a mock-grumpy voice..... I stopped in the door with my hands on my hips, ready to herd the escaped toddler back with the main group..... but the room was empty. No one inside it at all. There is only one way in, so only one way out. And certainly no one passed me. I was floored once again. I went into the room to check under the table and behind the kitchen sets, but nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero children.

I walked back out with a funny look on my face, trying to remember what I saw and wondered what happened, and a coworker said 'what are you doing?'. I simply replied 'oh, I just saw a little blonde head bob past the door in dressup, so I went to go get them out, but no one was there'. She said 'oh' because similar things have happened to her from time to time. I did not see a face clearly, or arms or legs really, I just remember focusing for a split second on the top of a very white blonde head, very 'shiny', short haired, and there is only one child at the center with that color, and she was not even there that day. I joked and said 'maybe 'A' is here is spirit today instead of being on holiday with her parents?' and my coworker gave a nervous laugh and then we left it at that.

So I dont know what is up. There have been other things occurring there,  but mainly what others have experienced and I cannot recall all of the details. There IS one more story to tell another day that happened to me that totally blew my mind, but I will save that for another time :)

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